Just got this one from Sex Fantasy MP3s, which I got to tell you, is becoming a favorite for finding some new recordings. This one is really hot and sexy, especially if you like a story to build up before delivering at the end. I do tend to like that style of mp3. This woman’s voice is very sensual, soft and teasing and has a nice, young quality to it. I haven’t seen her stuff on any other site, but she’s got quite a few on this one.

It’s a babysitter fantasy, which I always liked, but this one has a female domination twist to it. I actually have this same story done in a third person descriptive style from Mistress Victoria (who I think is running this site) and so I wanted to see what this version was like. I’m glad I did. This is a first person style and very, very hot. She describes coming over to your house for the babysitting job and teasing you while your wife gets ready. Plenty of hot, sexy talk in this one. Especially on the drive home where she uses her body to tease and taunt you before telling you she found your porn stash and that she knows your a subby male. The domination is soft, yet firm as she works yo over really good and does some minor wallet raping as you stroke and lick and kiss her young ass. Overall, a very hot scene and this girl’s voice plays really well to this fantasy. The story is first rate and builds the scene really well.

Sound: 4.5
Story: 4.5

Overall, I would give this one a very solid 4.5. The quality of the recording is really good, her voice is very sensual and her pacing and descriptions are top shelf. If anything, I just wanted it to last longer, just a little longer, but that’s usually the sign of a great recording.

This recording is thirteen and a half minutes long and sells for 13 bucks, so it’s a great deal at a buck a minute. Very hot stuff and highly recommended if you have always wanted a hot dominant babysitter to control your cock and give out some soft humiliation while she does it.

Here’s the link to all of her mp3s on the sex fantasy site